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Companet Training Collar Containment System

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Companet Training Collar Containment System

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When you're looking to improve your dog’s behavior at home or in social settings, the Dog Bark Collar is the perfect solution to all your dog training needs.If u also need training more than one dogs in same time ,its also will be great choice.



Remote control: 5.5 *2 inch 

Receiver:1.4*2.6 inch 

Material: ABS 

Color: Black

Package Included:  

1 x bark collar

Brand Story 

I'm Jane, the founder of OSPet and a dog lover since childhood. I've been desperately hoping to raise a puppy from the very beginning. Until my 18th birthday, the selfless affectionate angle, a little adorable golden retriever surprisingly showed up at my house. I'd like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to my parents who afford me the opportunity to learn how to care for others and take on responsibility. Unfortunately, owing to the lack of experience, and poor time management, the daily pet chore supposed to be performed by myself gradually occurred less frequently and the poor passed away eventually. I would have spent more time caring for and accompanying him before I finished my studies if I had been aware that his life is so short, but a span. Recalling the past, I would have lived with no regrets if I had been instructed by someone what should I prepare for my lovely retriever as well as how to show my concern.That's why I started this brand which aimed at delivering healthy, eco-friendly, well-designed products and unparalleled rounded experience for pets and the people who love them.We firmly believe our world will be much better if the life of other creatures is better.

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