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6 Key Steps to Bathing a Dog

May 23, 2020 1:41:32 AM

6 Key Steps to Bathing a Dog


Bathing Procedure for Dogs

Bath Time: Sunny morning and noon, rainy days are not suitable for bathing
Bath Water Temperature: Try the water temperature by hand, neither cold nor hot is the most suitable water temperature
Pre-wash Combing: Dogs’ hair should be combed before taking a shower

Tired of paying exorbitant sums of money to bath your puppy? Why don’t you try to bath your dog by yourself? Maybe you’re worrying that your dog would not obey when it was bathed, and you actually don’t know where to start to bath your dog. In fact, if you can master the way of giving your dog a bath, your dog will enjoy the bathing time with you. Now, let’s explore the tips for bathing your beloved dog!

6 Key Steps:

1.Clean the Litter in your Dog’s Hair

You should comb the dog’s hair before taking a shower, which can unravel the dirt and hairballs on it’s hair. If it is the kind of stubborn hair knot, you can use small scissors or dog clippers to cut it off. 

2.Make All the Preparations

If your dog is very resistant to be bathed, then you can put a collar on it which can control your naughty puppy while bathing him. It is recommended to plug the dog's ears with cotton swabs. That can prevent dirty water or bathing agents from entering the ear canal. You should also prepare a perfect dog grooming equipment which can reduce your shower load for dogs, such as dog hair clippers, dog brush and more. 

3.Let your Puppy Adapt to the Bath First

Let your dog stand in the bathtub, then hold the water with your hands, and slowly wet the dog's hair. This process is mainly to allow the dog to gradually adapt to the bath.

4.Apply Bath Lotion

Please choose a pet-specific bath shampoo, then apply the pet shampoo to the back, tail, limbs, and finally the head of your dog after rubbing foam into the palm of your hand. It should be pay attention to avoid the bubbles into your dog’s eyes.

5.Start Flushing

When flushing, you need to start from the head. The owner should try to ensure that the foam stays on the head for a very short time. The main reason is to prevent the foam from entering the eyes or ear canal.

6.Wipe Dry

After bathing your dog, use a towel to wipe off the excess water on the dog, and then use a hair dryer or a pet-specific dryer to completely dry your dog’s hair.

The above 6 points are the most basic methods to bath your dog. You should still pay more attention to your puppy’s nails, teethes, paws, eyes and ears. If you found that it’s still difficult to bath your naughty dog, you can different parts of him in days. I hope that will help you!

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